Racin’ with RK

My motivation for Racin’ with RK and all that involves is a by-product of the crazy year 2020 has been. My oldest son Jason talked me into creating audio books to read to my grandchildren. That has become a fun hobby for me and my wife as we continue to share our love for our family through electronics and audio. The grandkids love it.

So, my son says to me one day “You know Dad you should start doing a podcast. You have so many racing stories and memories that need to be shared” The next thing I know 2 packages arrive from Amazon. A computer microphone and headset. The podcast idea was born.

But I want Racin’ with RK to be more than that. I want it to be a way to keep the history of karting alive. To tell the stories that molded the sport and WKA. To hear the memories come alive with special guests. I want to help them share firsthand what they remember as they lived through karting back in the day.

I want to evolve into a mechanism for local tracks, clubs, and racers to receive the promotion and gratification they deserve.

Join me along the ride as Racin’ with RK takes the green flag on a journey of the history of karting and a renewed enthusiasm of grass roots racing.


“Racers don’t last forever but racing memories do”

Kyle Adkins inducted into Hall of Fame Jacksonville

Chuck Broadway who is currently deployed in Kuwait-“I’m glued to the Racin’ with RK Podcasts on Spotify.”

Eric Erickson – “That was great. I look forward to future episodes.”

Rick Fulks – “Well done RK. Looking forward to more.”

Lisa B. Shaw – “Great Job! Glad you pushed forward with your vision. Todd and I Iistened this morning.”

Chrstine Carnall Ferris – “Nice job Randy. Can’ wait for the next one. Good Luck”

Sandy Crittle Stropko – “Love it! Great job Randy. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Tony Wyse – “Randy, I just listened to Episode 2 and really enjoyed it because it was during the time I was really falling in love with kart racing. My Mac 10 at Sugar River, I was just a kid thinking this is a whole lot of fun. I never knew at that time where karting was going to take me with my son Cale. The early history really makes me proud that I was able to be a part of karting in later years and really appreciate the opportunity to get to know you Randy! Thank You.”

Kenny Venberg – When I was a kid I liked to read books. Couldn’t wait to get to the library every week to get a new book to read. Haven’t had that feeling of anticipation for a book or tv show since. When I listened to the podcast that feeling came back.

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